No Idea What to Get Dad? These Last Minute Ideas Will Go Easy on Your Wallet!

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There’s no denying that 2021 is flying by! Between adjusting to working from home and hybrid school schedules to easing our way back into social events, Father’s Day has certainly snuck up on the majority of us sooner than expected. But, don’t worry – it’s not too late to show your dad, grandfather, uncle, or family friend just how much you appreciate having them in your life. Just because you purchase a last-minute gift doesn’t mean it isn’t heartfelt, meaningful, or thoughtful. Here are three suggestions from Holly View Apartments for the perfect Father’s Day gift:

Masterclass Subscription

Sign your dad up for Masterclass, so he can learn a new skill or zero in on the hobby of his choosing. This last-minute gift is a great option for dad to perfect his singing talent or nail down his screenwriting skills. Not only will dad be able to learn from the best and biggest names in entertainment, design, art, business, science, and technology, but he’ll also have a lot of fun doing it. Plus, a Masterclass or a corresponding gift card – for dad to choose a class – is totally affordable.

Massage Gun

A massage gun is perfect for working out the kinks after any fitness routine, and if dad likes to hit the gym or outdoor workout classes regularly, this might be the perfect last-minute Father’s Day gift for him. Even if he has a high-stress job where he sits or stands for elongated periods of time and experiences regular muscle tension, a massage gun with different speeds and attachment heads can work to target different muscles. With seven to eight hours of battery life, the benefits of these powerful, little machines are impactful, to say the least!

Insulated Water Bottle

There’s no denying that drinking water is good for your overall health: it helps you stay hydrated, keep you feeling satisfied, and can even help you lose weight. Now, we’re not saying dad needs to shed a few pounds or anything, but a water bottle could help him hit all of his health goals and more! With so many cool, new products on the market, it's easy to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water all day long. Best of all, dad doesn’t have to stick to plain old H2O. Some bottles help make delicious, fruit-infused water that makes it easy to squeeze in eight glasses of water in a day – and then some.

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