Here Is How to Make Your Very Own Floating Shelves

Since many Americans are still quarantining, we’ve all become a bit handier around our apartment homes. All of those home improvement and décor projects that have taken a back-eat are being put into action. Hey, it keeps our minds busy and our bodies occupied when a lot of our usual go-to activities are unavailable. So, without further ado, here is another DIY project for your list: floating shelves!


• 2- 1/4 inch x 4 foot sanded plywood project panel
• 2 – 1-inch x 2-inch x 8-foot select pinboard
• Wood glue
• Clamps
• Screws
• Screwdriver
• Stud Finder
• Brad nailer, or finish nails
• Painter’s tape
• Paintbrush
• White paint


• Step 1: Cut these pieces into the following dimensions: 4 – 1 inch x 2 in x 21 inch; 8 – 1 in x 2 inch x 6.5 inch; 4 – 1/4 inch x 8 inch x 21 inch; 4 – 1/4 inch x 2 inch x 8 inch; and 2 – 1/4 inch x 2 inch x 21 3/8 inch.

• Step 2: Screw these pieces together to make a frame for your shelves.

• Step 3: Clamp, and then glue the sanded panels to the frame. Glue the side finish pieces to the frame, being careful not to get glue on that end 1-inch x 2-inch front piece.

• Step 4: Once glued, go ahead and remove the 1-inch x 2-inch front piece that was there for alignment purposes only.

• Step 5: Attach the frame to the wall from the inside with a screwdriver, after you’ve used a stud finder to find a stable place. Make sure it is level before adding the screws.

• Step 7: Attach the second shelf the same way, checking all of your measurements and keeping things level.
• Step 8: Re-attach the 1-inch x 2-inch boards to the fronts of each.

• Step 9: Glue the remaining 1/4-inch boards to the front and use a brad nailer, or finish nails.
Wipe away any glue, and while that’s drying, tape the shelves to prepare them for painting.

• Step 10: Once the glue is dry, apply 2 coats of paint, with space to dry in-between. Now, your DIY shelves are complete! Decorate accordingly.

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