Get Your Crudo or Ceviche Fix at Any One of These 3 Houston Dining Establishments

Thanks to Houston’s typically sweltering spring and summer seasons, chowing down on cool plates of crudo or ceviche as a precursor to a well-rounded brunch, lunch, or dinner is practically a must. Seafood dishes, made with fresh, raw fish, lime juice, and an assortment of chopped veggies are satisfying in more ways than one. They look, smell, and taste bright and refreshing, and offer sweet solace from the sweltering sun with each bite. So, if you’re looking for a restaurant near Holly View Apartments, take advantage of these Houston hotspots with their adventurous takes on seafood dishes chock-full of exotic flavors that will cool you down during any al fresco dining experience. Check out our top 3 picks around town:

Caracol Restaurant – 2200 Post Oak Boulevard #160, Houston, Texas 77056

Not only does Caracol Restaurant serve ceviche, but they also include a whole subsection of “Crudos,” or raw fish, on both dinner and brunch menus. You cannot go wrong with any selection, whether you choose the Ceviche de Chile Canario, a lime-cured raw red snapper with chile canario, cherry tomato, cucumber, pearl onion, cilantro, and radish, or the Aguachile Verde with lime-cured Gulf shrimp, cucumber-serrano sauce, cilantro, and red onion. Whichever raw fish you take delight in, Caracol makes sure it is the freshest and accompanied by a host of vibrant ingredients and flavors.

Rosie Cannonball – 1620 Westheimer Road, Houston, Texas 77006

Rosie Cannonball showcases the ripe flavors of spring with its rotating selection of crudo. On their lunch menu right now, patrons can get a taste of their Snapper Crudo, which is made with tomato honey vinegar, apricot, olive oil, and bright pops of sungold tomatoes. Their dinner menu ups the ante and replaces snapper with black sea bass. Any of these raw fish selections is excellently complemented by their goat feta and beet tartine with pain de campagne, pickled carrots, dill, and chili oil, or you can consider adding a few small veggie plates, such as Charred Carrots and Cauliflower or Confit Fennel, to the rotation!

Jonathan’s The Rub at Memorial Green – 1205 Memorial Drive #140, Houston, Texas 77024

Jonathan’s The Rub at Memorial Green serves up ceviche with your choice of shrimp, salmon, tuna, or white fish. You can get your choice of two proteins for 14 bucks or the entire selection for 26 dollars. Their specialty raw fish app is served with red onion, poblano, red jalapeno, ginger, mango, cilantro, and corn tortilla chips for the ultimate snack. And, if you’re somehow burnt out from the rest of your killer crudo or ceviche dining experiences in Houston, TX, give the Lobster Tacos, Bacon-Wrapped Scallops, or Fritto Mixto with crispy fried calamari and shrimp a fair shot!

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