Keep Your Hands – and Mind – Occupied with These DIY Trends In 2021

In 2020, we learned to get our craft on like never before due to the coronavirus pandemic that encouraged us to stay safer at home. Now, in 2021, people are still looking for new crafts to try and experiment with, as searches for craft kits and DIYs have continued to skyrocket. In fact, in the past three months alone, there has been a 221 percent increase in searches on Etsy for DIY kits alone. So, if you consider yourself one of the many, who are searching for socially distanced-approved activities to keep you busy while you’re stuck at home, look no further than our blog, with 3 suggestions to get you started on a craftier path through 2021.

Candle Making

Looking for a fun and crafty way to refine your apartment home's ambiance? Americans are turning to candle making as a hobby more than ever before. There has actually been an 893 percent increase in searches on Etsy for candle-making kits in the last three months. To make your own all-natural candles at home, consider a starter kit that comes with sustainable coconut oil wax, fragrance oils, and more.

Acrylic Paint Pours

If you aren't already experimenting with acrylic paint pours, it's time to give the craft a try! This fluid painting technique involves mixing acrylic paint with a pouring medium before pouring it onto a flat surface. You can use the acrylic paint pour method to paint everything, from a canvas and phone case to a piece of furniture. The end result is truly unique, beautiful, and artistic!

Embroidery Kits

Equal parts nostalgic and cool, embroidery crafts are having a comeback moment in the DIY world. Like previous mentions in this blog, searches for embroidery projects and kits have also skyrocketed on Etsy – by 148 percent in the last three months, to be exact. The e-commerce website sells everything you could possibly need, from simple kits for novices to fully detailed supplies for the advanced embroidery artist!

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