Myths About Your Child’s Eyes

August is National Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month. While there is some great advice out there about how to keep your children’s eyes healthy, there are also some misconceptions about what is dangerous and what is not. Let’s take a look at these common myths. 

Myth: The sun is not really that harmful for kids. 
Many people believe that it is not important for kids to wear sunglasses because their eyes are not as responsive to harsh sunlight. But it may be surprising to many parents to learn that the lens in a child’s eye lets in 70 percent more UV rays than in an adult eye. If you feel the need to wear sunglasses outdoors, you should place them on your children as well. You can find many styles of sunglasses that are great for youngsters, including ones with Velcro straps.

Myth: Most childhood eye injuries come from accidents with sharp objects, like scissors. 
In fact, most eye injuries in children come from sports and recreational events. Baseball is the sport responsible for most eye injuries in children under 14. Among those 15 to 24, basketball causes the most injuries. Overall, 72 percent of all sports-related injuries to the eyes are to those under the age of 26. To help prevent injuries, protective goggles or face masks should be worn.

Myth: Sitting too close to a TV will damage a child’s eyes. 
Research has shown that sitting closely to a television or computer screen does not damage eyes. But it can cause headaches and temporary blurred vision. The real danger is in intellectual and social development. If you child does sit closely to the television or computer screen, however, you should get his or her eyes checked. While sitting closely does not harm vision, a problem with your child’s vision could compel him or her to sit closely. So, rather than being a cause of poor vision, it might just be an early indicator of a problem.

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